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Updated design software
According to Autodesk, Inc., AutoCAD Civil 3D 2010 helps civil engineers explore more what-if scenarios and optimize project performance with visualization and analysis tools such as geospatial and stormwater analysis, quantity-takeoff, and interactive 3D simulations. An Intersection Design Wizard facilitates creation of dynamic 3D intersection models that can be updated more easily when the design changes. New quantity-takeoff tools provide users an easier method for calculating quantities using model data directly, the company says. Additionally, enhanced capabilities allow survey data to be processed directly from the field without translations or conversions.

Wick drain installation
Hayward Baker, Inc., says its new Wick Drain Division allows the company to install wick drains in conjunction with its stone column and soil-mixing operations, as well as for stand-alone wick drain projects. Wick drains comprise a geotextile filter-wrapped plastic strip with molded channels that allow water to travel to the ground surface, relieving excess subsurface pore water pressure. The geotextile filter prevents soil particles from entering the channels and clogging the drain. Applications include consolidating soft soils in conjunction with preloading or surcharging, pressure relief wells to reduce pore pressures caused by seepage, reducing perched water table conditions, and reducing liquefaction potential of fine-grained soils.
Hayward Baker,

Software supports LEED certification
Newforma, Inc., recently released Newforma Project Center Sixth Edition, which it says advances the company’s support for Integrated Project Delivery. According to the company, enhanced functionality supports the documentation-intensive work processes of LEED administration and certification, including the logging and tracking involved in materials certification, local product sourcing, and post-completion commissioning. Project Center Sixth Edition users can view, search, and track all markups, irrespective of whether they were created in Adobe, Bluebeam, or Autodesk Design Review, and can associate those markups with the project, the model file, the record copies of model views, the e-mail discussions related to the markups, and any action items that are required as a result of the modifications suggested.

Green document management
ColumbiaSoft Corporation was approved for listing in the Construction Specification Institute’s (CSI’s) GreenFormat. GreenFormat provides a standardized framework for identifying the sustainable properties of building products. Available as a free, web-based search at, it offers evaluation of green product information to save time for designers and specifiers. ColumbiaSoft’s Document Locator software provides a paperless approach to managing large volumes of design- and construction-related documents. The engineering document management system includes specialized capabilities for managing drawings and project documents, as well as automating workflows.

Roundabout design website
Transoft Solutions, Inc., launched an Internet microsite about roundabouts and roundabout design at provides a general understanding of modern roundabouts, as well as various aspects and advantages of their design. Visitors to the site can browse through roundabout facts, roundabout trivia, the advantages of roundabouts, case studies, and weekly updated video content. In addition, in mid-February, Transoft Solutions planned to introduce new roundabout design software.
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Septic tank design tools
Infiltrator Systems, Inc., added downloadable design tools to the company’s website that support design applications focusing on the full line of TW-Series septic tanks and Aquaworx Intelligent Pump Control panels. TW-Series septic tanks feature triple-wall thickness for strength, structural bulkheads, and reinforced access ports. According to the company, TW-Series tanks offer strength comparable to concrete tanks. Available in sizes ranging from 375 gallons to 1,500 gallons and in single- and dual-compartment designs, the tanks are suitable for use as septic tanks or pump tanks.
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