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Fully rugged mobile computers
DRS Tactical Systems, Inc., offers a line of fully rugged computers—the ARMOR Convertible Notebook and the ARMOR Tablet PC. The computers use Intel processing technology and offer a full array of communications options, including integrated Wi-Fi, Ethernet, and a PCMCIA slot. ARMOR tablets and convertible notebooks weigh 5.2 pounds, including batteries. Convertible notebook features include a die-cast magnesium alloy case, and a 12.1-inch outdoor-viewable touch-screen display that transforms from a tablet-style computer to a compact notebook with a full-size keyboard. The ARMOR X10 Tablet features an aluminum chassis with sealing technology that meets IP 66 level protection from dust, dirt, water, and temperature extremes; and a 10.4-inch LCD monitor with backlight technology.
DRS Tactical Systems, Inc.

Enhanced support for collaboration
Adobe Systems, Inc., released Adobe Acrobat 9 software, which now includes native support for Adobe Flash technology, the ability to unify a wide range of content in PDF Portfolios, and access to real-time capabilities for co-navigating a PDF document with colleagues. Adobe Flash technology enables users to include Adobe Flash Player-compatible video and application files in PDF documents. The PDF file can be shared for review and comment with others who are using free Adobe Reader 9 software, which is available for download from Adobe’s website. PDF Portfolios enable users to assemble multiple media types—such as drawings, documents, e-mails, spreadsheets, images, and rich media, including video, audio, 3-D, and maps—into one, compressed PDF file that can be customized with several professional layouts and specific branding. Acrobat 9 allows users to search, measure, and mark up geospatially enabled PDF maps. In addition, Acrobat 9 provides access to capabilities for collaborating live within a PDF document, enabled by working with, a suite of hosted services available as public beta at The Acrobat 9 family consists of Acrobat 9 Standard, Acrobat 9 Pro, and the new Acrobat 9 Pro Extended software, which includes Adobe Presenter software for turning Microsoft PowerPoint presentations into multimedia experiences that can be published as PDF files.
Adobe Systems,

Deformation monitoring software

Leica Geosystems, Inc.’s Leica GeoMoS Version 4.0 automatic deformation monitoring software now features the ability to gather, store, and analyze geotechnical data recorded through a Campbell Scientific datalogger. Geotechnical data can be integrated seamlessly with geodetic data in a single database for advanced deformation analysis. The latest release of GeoMoS also includes "virtual sensor" functionality that allows users to model the output of one or more sensors using constants, mathematical functions, or logic operators. Easily configurable, virtual sensors are ideal for calibration of measurements or computation of parameters of interest, such as convergences or torsions, or to analyze traditional measurement data and results, the company says.
Leica Geosystems,

Streamlined CAD
Autodesk AutoCAD Civil software streamlines the capabilities found in the more comprehensive AutoCAD Civil 3D program by providing a focused design and construction documentation solution for civil engineering technicians, drafters, and surveyors. AutoCAD Civil works seamlessly with AutoCAD Civil 3D, sharing the same model-centric technology, so as design changes are made, drafting and construction documentation update automatically. The capabilities of AutoCAD Civil include surveying and coordinate systems, design, documentation data management, and team coordination. AutoCAD Civil 3D adds to the capabilities of AutoCAD Civil with analysis and simulation capabilities for the civil engineer and designer, including stormwater design and analysis, geospatial analysis and mapping, and Land Desktop Project support. Autodesk also announced that AutoCAD Land Desktop 2009 will be the last release of Land Desktop and that the company will be focusing its resources on development of AutoCAD Civil and Civil 3D.

Stormwater chambers
CULTEC, Inc., added an internal manifold feature, previously found exclusively on its Recharger 330XL and V8, to the company’s Recharger 180 and 280 models. This feature introduces design flexibility to the stormwater management system and decreases the required installation footprint. Two side portals located on the chamber allow manifolding to take place at any point within the system, eliminating the need to build external manifolds. High Volume Low Velocity (HVLV) FC-24 Feed Connectors, open on both endwalls, are inserted into the side portals to construct the manifold. According to the company, the cross-feed capabilities offer greater flow than that available from 18-inch-diameter pipe. CULTEC intends to incorporate the internal manifold feature into all of its new designs, with the exception of the Recharger 150 and low-profile Contactor series, which are used for installations with depth restrictions or when a larger infiltrative area is needed.

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