Seventeen years and growing

This issue marks the first in our 18th year – an exciting accomplishment for ZweigWhite, the publisher of CE News. We have grown from a small newspaper with a modest circulation and a few advertisers to a robust magazine with 50,000 subscribers and advertisers that include the leading software and product manufacturers serving the civil engineering industry.

What’s more, CE News now provides more than articles for the business of civil engineering.” For example,CE News sponsors conferences and events such as the East and West Land Development Conferences and Expos. Taking place this May in conjunction with the EnviroExpo and Conference in Boston, Land Development East will bring civil engineers together with other industry partners to improve understanding and communication among project participants.

Such face-to-face” events afford opportunities for our editors to interact with readers and industry experts and to generate unique articles. For instance, this issue contains the results of a roundtable Editor Bob Drake hosted at the Land Development West event in November. Roundtable participants discussed land development and disaster prevention, mitigation, and avoidance. As communities plan recovery from the hurricanes, mud slides, flooding, and wild fires of 2005, this is a timely discussion. An abridged version begins on page 22; the full transcript is available online at

Another exciting advancement for CE News is a new offering for subscribers and industry partners: the Professional Development Series. With this special advertising section, subscribers have the opportunity to earn professional development hours (PDH) (or continuing education units) by reading a technical article contributed by a sponsor and submitting a completed quiz. The article sponsor awards the PDH to the reader if 80 percent of the quiz questions are correct. The first PDH begins following page 18.

And last but not least, CE News has become the host of a reputable competition over the years. The Best Civil Engineering Firms To Work For Contest, which honors firms with outstanding workplaces to assist their recruiting and retention efforts, challenges firms to compete, improve, and share best practices through the competition, articles announcing the results and data gleaned from the competition, and a corresponding event – the Best Firms To Work For Summit, which will take place Sept. 29-30 in Chicago.

This year’s contest entry documents are available online for download now, so please alert your firm’s leaders to let them know it’s time to enter. Go to to download the entry information. ZweigWhite must receive entries by April 21, 2006.

Our thanks to the dedicated subscribers, contributors, advertisers, and staff that help CE News continue to grow. We look forward to another exciting year and new opportunities to advance the businesses, careers, and profession of civil engineers.

Shanon Fauerbach, P.E.

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