Scanner software, wastewater app, radar, and digital pen

Software for point clouds
Topcon Positioning Systems released Spatial Factory software that allows users of the IP-S2 3D mobile mapping system to work with the combination of point cloud, trajectory, and panoramic image data. The IP-S2 system, which incorporates high-precision GNSS receivers, an inertial measurement unit, vehicle wheel encoders, 360-degree digital camera, and laser scanners, is designed to collect precise vehicle position/bearing data and capture spherical imagery of roadside objects while driving the system-mounted vehicle at normal traffic speeds. IP-S2 data can be viewed in Spatial Factory on a background map, in 3D, or in a panoramic view of images overlaying point cloud data. Features and attributes can be extracted and exported into shapefile or ASCII formats in various coordinate systems.
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Wastewater treatment plant app
ECO:LOGIC Engineering developed an Interactive Operations Manual for the iPad mobile digital device that helps keep wastewater treatment plants online and operating efficiently. According to the firm, the iPad application makes it easier to access and use the thousands of documents and schematics used to operate and maintain wastewater treatment plants because it ties them together and renders every detail of the plant. Wastewater treatment plant operators can also add notes or photographs to pages.
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Subsurface penetrating radar
US Radar says its Seeker subsurface penetrating radar system is able to infiltrate surfaces such as soil, clay, concrete, and brick to detect cracks, wire mesh, rebar, pipe, cables, bedrock, and soil anomalies. By transmitting energy pulses through a variety of mediums, the system is able to display an image of the subsurface on the operator interface. The system can be set to focus on a particular depth range. Five interchangeable antenna frequency options are available. An internal memory has data storage capacity of more than 50,000 linear feet. Also included are two USB ports and a serial port for data transfer or to allow the use of external GPS and other data collectors.
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Digital pen for GIS
Wacom says its DTU-2231 interactive pen display enhances the productivity and accessibility features of Esri’s recently released ArcGIS 10 software such as the new Feature Templates. The DTU-2231 uses Wacom’s patented battery-free pen to draw and navigate directly on the surface of the pen display’s 21.5-inch HD LCD. The introduction of sketch-based editing using Feature Templates in ArcGIS 10 further simplifies the data-editing process. GIS users can select the appropriate symbol from customizable on-screen feature templates and immediately begin drawing with the Wacom pen, creating features while ArcGIS 10 manages the properties and attributes in the geodatabase.
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