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High-definition scanner
Leica Geosystems introduced the Leica ScanStation C10, a High-Definition Surveying (HDS) scanner designed to increase surveying productivity and accuracy in both routine surveys and large, complex projects. The Leica ScanStation C10—s Smart X-Mirror, which can operate in either oscillating or rotating mode, eliminates the need for double window scans. It captures overhead, vertical, horizontal, and sub-level geometry over a full field of view (360 x 270 degrees), with a pointing accuracy of as little as 1 mm, according to the company. The Leica ScanStation C10 is a fully integrated, cordless system with onboard batteries. The scanner has an onboard interface with high-resolution, color touch-screen and integrated, high-resolution zoom camera/video. A 5 Megapixel CMOS digital image sensor captures both single frames and continuous video. An internal hard disk eliminates the need to attach a laptop.
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Greener concrete structures
CONTECH Construction Products Inc.—s stormwater, bridge, and tunnel concrete structures sold in California, Washington, Oregon, and Alaska can now be made on request using 2X Green, a greener, high-performance concrete manufactured by Clean Water Resources. Unlike regular concrete, 2X Green is made from partly recycled materials such as silica fume and fly ash, a byproduct of coal-fired power plants. According to the companies, 2X Green provides twice the durability and as much as a 70-percent reduction in CO2 when compared with standard concrete used in drainage and underground infrastructure.
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Non-circular pipe
HOBAS Pipe USA—s HOBAS NC-Line introduced earlier this year features non-circular profiles manufactured of glass-reinforced polyester and designed for constructing or rehabilitating non-circular sewers. According to the company, these special pipes provide an innovative method to rehabilitate old sewers because they can be made in virtually any shape. They are manufactured on a computer-controlled machine that can produce specially shaped pipes as large as 118 inches in diameter. Different pipe shapes and wall thicknesses are available. Like all HOBAS products, they have inherent corrosion resistance and hydraulics that maximize flow capacity.

Higher strength wastewater chambers
Infiltrator Systems says its new Quick4 Plus line of chambers provides maximum strength in onsite septic wastewater treatment applications via its center structural column design. The standard chamber family includes two models: the Quick4 Plus Standard LP and the Quick4 Plus Standard. At 8 inches tall the LP is optimal for shallow installations; the 12-inch-tall Standard Chamber meets the needs of nearly any onsite septic system installation, the company said. Both feature Contour Swivel Connections, which allow 10-degree turns, providing advanced contouring capability. The Quick4 Plus Standard chambers are 4 feet long. Two end cap options provide increased flexibility in system configurations. The Quick4 Plus All-in-One Endcap can be used at the end of a chamber row or installed mid-trench to allow for a center feed with pipe connections at the sides, ends, and top. The Quick4 Plus Endcap allows pipe connections from the end only. Additionally, a new All-in-One Periscope allows 180 directional inletting for raised inlet elevations.
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Plant design and modeling software
Autodesk, Inc., released AutoCAD Plant 3D 2010, a new software product purpose-built for design, modeling, and documentation of process plants, including water and wastewater treatment facilities. According to the company, AutoCAD Plant 3D is tailor-made to increase the productivity of project teams by reducing setup time, facilitating straightforward information sharing, and minimizing the impact of changing project information. Built on the AutoCAD platform, AutoCAD Plant 3D features specification-driven design and standard parts catalogs to help streamline the placement of piping, equipment, and support structures. Also included in the product is integrated AutoCAD P&ID (process and instrumentation diagram) functionality and quick generation of isometric and orthographic drawings.
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