Rewarding lessons

With the June issue of CE News, you’ll see a new look for the magazine. I hope you like it! We thought it was time for our “look” to be as exciting as all of the new content we’re packing in here. We now have a slightly larger format, revised page layouts, and with some future issues, we’ll have a larger page count so we can give you more. This is on top of all the new contributors — both inside and outside of ZweigWhite — who are supplying the editorial that makes our magazine what it is.

The last few months have really been a great time of learning for me. I have a whole new appreciation for what a controlled circulation magazine is all about and the benefits it brings to our advertisers. I also have tremendous gratitude to our sponsors for all they do to help us bring continuing education in the form of webcasts and our PDH series to all of you. I’ve learned how hard it is to get monthly magazines out — that monthly deadline shows up sooner than you think. Plus, it is expensive. Printing and postage costs are always higher than one thinks they should be. But, that said, I have also learned about some great new skill sets that our newest members bring to ZweigWhite — there is a lot of good energy and synergy.

Bringing the engineering media group back into ZweigWhite has been very rewarding. Besides the interaction with our readers, authors, and advertisers, and all of the creative ideas about how to make our publications better than ever, I have also gotten re-enthused about some of the great work firms in this business are doing to improve the quality of life for us all. I am absolutely convinced that the enormous problems surrounding energy, public health, and the environment will be solved by the very people who are reading this magazine and their successors. How great it is to be a part of an industry that is doing GOOD for people! It makes all the long hours and grueling trips away from home and family worthwhile to know the firms we serve are literally changing the world for the better instead of contributing to the world’s problems like so many other businesses seem to be doing.

As I write this, we in Northwest Arkansas are still recovering from some terrible flash flooding that we had a couple weeks ago. Don’t get me wrong — we don’t live in a floodplain here; Northwest Arkansas is hilly and usually drains pretty well. But 18 inches of rain in four days proved just too much. It took me an hour to make what’s normally a five-minute trip to get my youngest daughter from school one day because so many roads were blocked by water. My oldest daughter had a 20-foot-wide raging river running through the front yard of her little horse farm and even had a minor vehicle accident when the truck in which she was riding fell into a newly eroded ditch in the road. Many properties here had significant water damage from flooding, roof leaks, and erosion. Three of our counties — including the one we live in, Washington County — were even declared federal disaster areas by FEMA. Thankfully, however, the sun is out now and everywhere you look you can see roofs being fixed and roads being patched. People are resilient and we don’t get beaten down for long!

We thank you for reading CE News! We are here for you and care deeply about your opinions on what you have read and what you want to see in future issues of our publication. Please share your thoughts, comments, ideas, or feedback with me or any of our editors directly. My e-mail address is, and my cell phone is 508-380-0469.

Mark C. Zweig,

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