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Multiple block sizes give quarried-stone look

Anchor Wall Systems introduced its Stone Cut Series Diamond Pro segmental retaining wall system with a quarried-stone look available in blended and single colors. A patented rear lip on each block eliminates the need for pins and mortar and, according to the company, prevents misalignments.

The 8-inch-high by 12-inch-deep blocks are available in three face widths —” 18, 11, and 7 inches, weighing approximately 77, 45, and 34 pounds each, respectively. The multiple-sized blocks allow for a more random and natural wall appearance. Cap units and corner units also are available.

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Segmental wall system features locking and alignment bars

Newcastle Retaining Wall Systems— segmental retaining wall system comprises four block units —” Foundation Unit, Standard Unit, Radius Unit, and Cap Unit.

An S-type, shear key shape yields high block-to-block facing shear strength and allows for a near-vertical, 3-degree face batter.

Geosynthetic reinforcement is wrapped around a locking bar and encapsulated within the Standard Units to provide a mechanical connection between the wall and reinforcing materials. An alignment bar driven into a V-shaped channel in the top of the Standard Units ensures proper block alignment and stiffens the wall. The alignment bar also minimizes block separation in convex radius sections of Newcastle retaining walls.

Newcastle Retaining Wall Systems


Segmental system allows variable setback

Rockwood Retaining Walls— segmental system features multiple fascia styles, variable setbacks, unit interchangeability, and sharp radius turns. Each Rockwood unit can be made into a 90-degree corner block or a half block by removing a portion of the unit. A 4- by 4-inch integrated anchor bar creates a mechanical connection between blocks and allows vertical setbacks from 0 to 7 degrees. Blocks are 6 or 8 inches high, 18 inches wide,
and 10, 12, or 22 inches deep. Once a wall is assembled and backfilled, the block shape creates 4- by 5-inch stone columns behind the face that, according to the company, unify the geosynthetic grid, backfill, and wall units into an integrated structure.

Rockwood Retaining Walls


Gabions form face of stabilized-earth wall

The Hilfiker Company offers ArtWeld Gabions made from prefabricated, Class III zinccoated, 9- or 11-gauge welded wire mesh fabric with a 3- by 3-inch wire spacing. Wire stiffeners at all exterior corners reinforce the sides to avoid bulging and also create a larger opening for easier backfilling. Gabions can be field cut to fit curves, culverts, or angles. The company—s Gabion Faced MSE (mechanically stabilized earth) Wall combines ArtWeld Gabions at the face of the structure with welded-wire soil reinforcement mats spaced vertically at 3-foot intervals.

The Hilfiker Company


Large blocks simplify gravity wall construction

Each ReCon Block from ReCon Wall Systems, Inc., weighs 1,400 to 2,500 pounds, depending on block depth, with a standard face size of 48 by 16 inches (5.33 square feet). According to the company, the large blocks enable construction of gravity retaining walls as high as 10 feet 8 inches without the use of geogrid. Block depths of 45, 39, and 24 inches are available. A locking system eliminates the need for mortar or placement pins. Half blocks, corner blocks, and top blocks are available in granite and limestone finishes and a number of color stains, which are applied following wall construction. Top blocks feature a recessed top surface that allows planting sod to within 4 inches of the face of the retaining wall.

ReCon Wall Systems, Inc.


Open-core improves drainage and interlock

The open-core design of Keystone Retaining Wall Systems— segmental blocks increase vertical drainage through the face units, allow for gravel interlock across block interfaces, improve connection strength between face units and the geogrid, and improve unit-to-unit shear resistance. Blocks are available in a variety of sizes, face textures, shapes, styles, and colors for applications ranging from highways, bridges, and industrial sites to recreational, commercial, and residential landscaping.

Blocks are 6 or 8 inches high, depending on style, with a maximum exposed face area of 1 square foot. Keystone—s largest block weighs approximately 105 pounds.

Keystone Retaining Wall Systems

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