Pumps, Valves, and Meters

Check Valve

The TF-1 Curved Bill Tideflex© Check Valve from Red Valve Company, Inc., is designed to enhance sealing, especially in low-lying areas with little backpressure. The valve, constructed entirely of rubber, is designed to be immune to rust, corrosion, and weathering. The curved bill is designed to offer increased flexibility to better seal around entrapped debris, and the headloss of the valve remains low. Sizes are available to 96 inches.

Electromagnetic Flowmeter

Marsh-McBirney, Inc., offers the Flo-System AC-powered insertable electromagnetic flowmeter —” the Model 282. The flowmeter—s electromagnetic sensor can be used for pressurized line applications from 2 inches to 96 inches. The Flo-System Model 282 is used to measure water and wastewater, as well as any type of industrial flow processes involving conductive fluids such as potable water, slurries, sludge, cooling water, and pulp stock. It is designed to provide accurate flow data for all measurement needs.

Dual Protection

Little Giant Pump Company—s Engineered Products Division offers a dual seal line of 2 horsepower sewage grinder pumps. The dual seal design offers double protection against motor failure because of a primary shaft seal failure. The dual seal design includes an oil-filled chamber that separates an upper pump motor seal from a lower volute seal. This design prevents water from entering the pump motor chamber should the lower seal fail or be damaged by the matter being pumped. The mechanical face seals are constructed of carbon and ceramic with a Viton© elastomer boot and stainless steel spring.

Narrow Pumps

Submersible sludge pumps from Pumpex feature a narrow profile design that is suited for installations in manholes or other narrow areas. The mechanical seal components are separated from the particulate and/or contaminantladen fluid or sludge. The pumps can be used in applications as varied as construction stormwater runoff, site dewatering, sewer bypass for repairs, dredging of ponds and lagoons, sewage lift station maintenance, emergency pumping, and other applications.

Control Valve

Flowserve Corporation introduces its Mark 100 globe control valve. The Flowserve Mark 100 is designed to deliver higher capacity in a smaller valve. Available with a range of noise and cavitation reduction severe service trims, the Mark 100 can be used for a wide variety of industries, including chemical manufacturing, oil and gas production, and power generation. Built for a broad range of applications, the Mark 100 is suited for any industry requiring an efficient, high-capacity flow control solution.

Heavy-Duty Pump

The 5150 slurry pump from ITT Flygt Corporation is designed to handle various types of slurries. The pump is designed for use in power plants for bottom ash, refineries for petroleum coke, steel manufacturing, and most any other application where solid granules are present. All wear parts are made of high chrome. The impeller is designed with the optimum combination of solid- shandling capability, wear resistance, and pump efficiency. The Spin-out— feature expels abrasive particles from the seal chamber, preventing damage to the outer seal. To meet various requirements, the 5150 is available in a wide range of Class H motor sizes. The pump is capable of handling 15 starts per hour.

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