Visual computing appliance
NVIDIA Corporation’s NVIDIA GRID Visual Computing Appliance (VCA) is a turnkey network device that enables as many as eight users to seamlessly access graphics-intensive applications from a Mac, Windows, or Linux PC. According to the company, remote GPU acceleration gives users the same rich graphics experience they would get from an expensive, dedicated workstation under their desk. The GRID VCA provides flexibility for engineering organizations running graphics-intensive programs. Workspaces can be added, deleted, or reallocated as needed.
NVIDIA Corporation

Sand-tight geotextile
A technique derived from TenCate Geotube technology called “vertical sand-tight geotextile” won the Water Innovation Award for 2013 in the category Dry Feet. The protective principle of the vertical sand-tight geotextile is based on the fact that the geotextile filter allows water, but not sand, to pass through, ensuring that the sand remains trapped under dikes and that piping cannot occur. By combining this geotextile preventive measure with TenCate GeoDetect technology, the functionality of the filter is combined with sensors, which monitor the stability of the dike.
TenCate Geosynthetics

Alloy geocell
PRS-Neoweb was selected as one of the top five innovations by the Industrial Fabrics Foundation at the Specialty Fabrics Expo 2013 and Advanced Textiles Conference & Trade Show. The Neoloy novel polymeric alloy is based on polyamide/polyester nano-fibers in a polyolefin matrix. According to PRS, Neoloy enables the manufacture of PRS-Neoweb geocells in different performance categories, matching the engineering requirements of the project. Alloy properties enable a strong and stiff geocell with high tensile strength, resistance to creep and elevated temperatures, and dimensional stability.

Laser positioning system
Topcon Positioning Group said its new LN-100 3D positioning system, designed specifically for construction layout, provides seamless integration and flow of project data from the design to the field. Users place the LN-100 anywhere on a project site – on a tripod, column, or on the ground – and press one button. The unit self-levels and an operator just has to turn on the wireless controller to call up simple point layout or CAD drawings anywhere on a site. The LN-100 laser points to the exact location of a point or line that needs to be staked out.
Topcon Positioning Group

Bridge design software
Autodesk’s Structural Bridge Design 2014 software, based on technology acquired from U.K.-based Bestech Systems Limited, gives engineers greater flexibility and efficiency in designing small- to medium-span bridges by integrating loading, analysis, and code checking in a single environment. Full hand calculation-style reports can be generated directly from analysis results. Users can refine design options with automated design updates in a “define-analyze-code check” loop whenever parameters are changed. Structural behavior is better understood with side-by-side graphical displays of data and results at all stages of analysis and design.

EPD for PVC pipe
North American Specialty Products (formerly CertainTeed’s Pipe & Foundations Group) recently secured an Environmental Product Declaration (EPD) for its C900 RJ restrained-joint PVC pipe with Certa-Lok technology. The EPD evaluates C900 RJ restrained-joint PVC pipe on critical environmental issues such as production process impact, use of raw materials and recycled content, packaging, health aspects, and end-of-life impact, providing independent verification of the data in accordance with ISO 14025.
North American Specialty Products

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