Portland Water Bureau installs city’s first in-pipe hydroelectric system

The Portland Water Bureau, the City of Portland, Ore., and Lucid Energy are set to begin construction of the city’s first in-pipe hydropower renewable energy system. The LucidPipe Power System project, which is slated for completion in June 2013, will help the city meet its Climate Action Plan goals and reinforce Portland’s status as a global leader in renewable energy and green innovation.

The Portland Water Bureau and City of Portland, Ore., are set to begin construction of an in-pipe hydropower renewable energy system.
Photo: Lucid Energy

The LucidPipe Power System, which will be installed in a section of large-diameter, gravity-fed water pipeline beneath the city, uses an in-conduit turbine that spins as water passes through it, producing clean, reliable, low-cost electricity with no impact on the environment or water delivery, according to the manufacturer. Once completed, the system is expected to produce enough electricity to power an estimated 150 homes.

"Water and energy are closely linked; it takes a lot of electricity to deliver safe, clean drinking water," said David Shaff, Portland Water Bureau administrator. "The LucidPipe system provides a new way for us, as a water bureau, to generate electricity from our biggest asset and reduce the cost of delivery for our customers."

Portland’s in-pipe hydropower system will be the second major LucidPipe installation. Earlier in 2012 the company announced the installation of a LucidPipe Power System in Riverside, Calif. Plans also are underway to install a system in the San Antonio Water System in Texas in early 2013.
Information provided by Lucid Energy

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