Pipe, erosion control, GIS, and surveying

Composite polyethylene-steel pipe
CONTECH Construction Products Inc. introduced DuroMaxx, an engineered polyethylene-steel composite pipe that presents a structured outer wall profile and a smooth internal surface. Suitable for both drainage and detention applications, DuroMaxx is extruded using high-density polyethylene (HDPE) embedded with vertical strips of steel. The composite structure creates a pipe with high strength and relatively low material mass. According to CONTECH, DuoMaxx features long-term stiffness for exceptional dimensional control, watertight joints, and no stress cracking because of high-performance pressure-rated resin. It is available in standard 20-foot lengths and diameters up to 120 inches. In addition, it is compatible with a full range of joint-tight fabricated fittings such as bends, elbows, tees, slope junctions, and reducers.
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Cotton-fiber hydraulic erosion control
North American Green introduced HydraCM Bonded Fiber Matrix, a mid-level product in its HydraMatriCx line of straw/cotton-fiber, hydraulic erosion control products. HydraCM, developed in cooperation with the U.S. Department of Agriculture and Cotton Incorporated, contains a blend of cross-linked, insoluble, hydro-colloidal tackifiers to provide erosion control and facilitate vegetation establishment on medium-length, moderate-to-steep slopes (4:1 to 3:1). HydraCM and all HydraMatriCx products are made with straw and cotton-ginned fibers, and provide key benefits associated with cotton, including absorbency to hold moisture and promote seed-to-soil contact for germination; porosity for seedlings to push through without barrier; and biodegradability. Additionally, HydraMatriCx products are recognized as sustainable products because they contain post-industrial cotton-ginned byproducts.
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Geospatial software portfolio
Bentley Systems, Inc., introduced a geospatial product portfolio with GIS capabilities that it says supports infrastructure engineering workflows across the entire asset lifecycle, from planning, design, and construction to operations and decommissioning. New products in the portfolio include Bentley Map, Bentley Cadastre, and Bentley Geospatial Server. Bentley Map combines GIS functionality with all of the editing precision and graphics capabilities of MicroStation to support spatial analysis, thematic mapping, presentation, and plot production. Using the software’s Geospatial Administrator, users can configure business and topological rules without programming. In addition, Bentley Map can edit Oracle Spatial and other GIS data types, including ESRI SHP files. Its output includes 2-D and 3-D PDFs. Bentley Cadastre provides support for any type of parcel management workflow. Bentley Geospatial Server extends ProjectWise capabilities, adding enterprise access to Oracle Spatial and other enterprise GIS data stores. Bentley Geospatial Server also provides enterprise access to heterogeneous engineering documentation, whether spatial or nonspatial in nature, through a spatially enabled interface.
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Single software solution for surveying
Topcon Positioning Systems’ new SurveyMaster software provides users with legal, annotation, adjustment, and CAD drafting tools in one product. The SurveyMaster program is contained on a single USB key, making it easily transportable from computer to computer. Job site information can be imported, viewed, edited, and exported as needed, allowing for area contour, surface file creation and editing, and export to field controllers or machine control systems. SurveyMaster is CAD-based software that can be synchronized automatically with TopSURV 7 field controller software. Additional features include a 3-D viewer for 3-D surface modeling; finish plat printing; land survey functions; raw data editing; contouring and surface file editing; and volume analysis.
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