Pipe coating, software, stormwater filters and chambers

Chamber for stormwater management systems
A new StormTech chamber from Advanced Drainage Systems, Inc. (ADS), is designed for use in deep cover underground commercial and municipal stormwater management systems. The StormTech DC-780 is designed in accordance with the AASHTO LRFD Bridge Design Specifications for live and dead loads. It also meets the design requirements of ASTM F 2787 and the product requirements of ASTM F 2418. As with other StormTech chambers, the DC-780 is made using an injection molding process to ensure uniform wall thickness throughout the chamber.
Advanced Drainage Systems, Inc. — www.ads-pipe.com

Water-pipe rehabilitation
3M’s Scotchkote Spray-In-Place-Pipe (SIPP) 269 Coating is a polyurea-based liner that resurfaces existing pipes to minimize water loss throughout the system. According to the company, the coating offers a sustainable, cost-effective alternative to traditional water-pipe rehabilitation methods, such as total replacement and cement-mortar lining that disrupt water flow. The 3M SIPP 269 is ideally suited for pipe diameters of 4 to 12 inches, and is approved to NSF/ANSI Standard 61.
3M — www.3m.com

Photographic documentation for construction projects
ConstructionPhotoDocs.com is a new web-based service that provides a complete photographic index of a construction or building project from start to finish. Photos are in chronological order of the development schedule. Once a project’s floor plans and site plans are uploaded to the website, CPD inserts icons indicating every photographic vantage point and arranges for the photography on a pre-determined schedule. CPD loads photos into the database and links all photos to the appropriate icons on the site plans. Users can go to any icon to examine the project during any phase of the development. The company also seeks authorized resellers to provide the photo documentation service to clients as an additional revenue stream.
ConstructionPhotoDocs.com — www.constructionphotodocs.com

Spatial analysis and data capture mapping application
GeoMedia 3D is a fully integrated, add-on product for the desktop version of GeoMedia that extends the functionality of Intergraph’s geospatial solutions through an integrated 3D visualization and analysis environment. The combination delivers more precise visualization of surface and environmental characteristics for increased insight, data accuracy, and user productivity, the company said. GeoMedia 3D provides the ability to visualize, navigate, analyze, manipulate, and display 3D data natively in GeoMedia while still leveraging the power and precision of Intergraph’s core geospatial solutions. GeoMedia 3D also allows users to import pre-built city models and other readily available 3D files from organizations such as Google into projects, as well as perform fly-throughs of areas of interest and save them as video files for viewing and distribution.
Intergraph — www.intergraph.com

Tertiary filter for water and wastewater plants
Entex Technologies, Inc., says its FlowTex is a user-friendly, high-performance tertiary filter that removes suspended solids as small as 10 microns, helping water and wastewater treatment plants meet stringent suspended solids discharge permit requirements, phosphorous limits, or producing re-use quality effluent. Each disc consists of two independently operated segments that can be replaced without taking the entire filter off-line.
Entex Technologies, Inc. — www.entexinc.com

Take design data to the field
Leica Construction Office software provides contractors with the ability to verify design data before taking it to the field, eliminating costly rework due to unverified data being loaded directly to construction machines. Users can edit and modify designs, develop stakeout point files, calculate volumes, and handle terrain models and advanced reporting functions. It can also import and export data formats that have become industry standards as well as many data formats that are used only in specific regions.
Leica Geosystems — www.leica-geosystems.us

Company merger
Rand Worldwide, Inc., a provider of technology solutions to organizations with engineering design and information technology requirements, and Avatech Solutions, Inc., a professional service company for design and engineering technologies, have been combined through a reverse merger. The combined company intends to change its name to Rand Worldwide, Inc.. With offices in 47 cities globally, the combined company expects to further extend its training, support, and services throughout the engineering community.
Rand Worldwide, Inc. — www.rand.com

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