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Permeable grass paving
NDS, Inc. says its TuffTrack Grassroad Paver, an alternative to concrete or asphalt pavements, can maintain healthy grass turf in high-traffic areas. TuffTrack comprises paver sheets of honeycomb-shaped cells equipped with a tongue-and-groove latching system, providing a quick and secure connection between each sheet. According to the company, the design allows vehicular traffic as heavy as 98,500 pounds to drive over turf areas without putting pressure on the roots of the grass or compromising the condition of the landscape. Also, each cell features a series of holes at the base to grip the subsurface, providing less soil compaction, which helps increase drainage and improve oxygen transfer to the soil. Made from recycled plastic, use of TuffTrack offers LEED credit opportunities in several areas.
NDS, Inc.—

Software training videos
Eagle Point Software Corp. released Pinnacle Series 8.2.0, which includes more than five and a half hours of video lessons directly embedded within its AutoCAD Civil 3D workflows. Eagle Point partnered with 4D Technologies, creators of the CADlearning online video portal, to bring users more than 40 video lessons covering numerous topics and features in Civil 3D 2009. Videos are linked to steps in the various processes to provide a blended learning environment, supplementing instructional text with eLearning video content that not only describes the proper procedures, but shows users how to use the tools. Access to the video content is granted through an annual subscription to the Eagle Point Pinnacle Series learning portal.
Eagle Point Software Corp.—

Sidewalk warning pavers
ACO Polymer Products, Inc., produces ADA-compliant, detectable warning devices made from polymer concrete for pedestrian walkways, sidewalk corner curb ramps, railway platforms, and retail locations. ACO detectable warning devices use an anti-slip raised texture on truncated domes and between each dome to increase pedestrian safety. The truncated dome warning bumps are 0.2 inches high and 0.9 inches wide, and are spaced out over the paver surface on 2-inch centers. This complies with both the Americans with Disabilities Act—1994, and the proposed Architectural Barriers Act Accessibility Guidelines—2004. ACO offers polymer concrete devices in 12- x 24-inch and 24- x 24-inch sizes, with a common depth of 1.50 inches. Multiple pavers can be combined to create larger detectable warning areas as needed. Color choices include brick red, gray, or yellow.
ACO Polymer Products, Inc.—

Printer for GIS and CAD files
HP introduced the HP Designjet 510 Printer series, a standalone printer designed for small firms that print technical drawings (including AEC, MCAD, GIS and GPP) in-house. HP-GL/2 in-printer processing technology eliminates printing delays, HP says, by freeing up computer resources and minimizing network traffic. According to the company, HP-GL/2 technology enables the Designjet 510 to process technical files up to four times faster than the previous model. Additionally, the new HP Instant Printing Utility 1.0 lets users create, store, and reprint CAD projects without reconfiguring settings. The Designjet 510 Printer series offers a four-color, high-resolution (2,400 x 1,200 optimized dpi) printing system that delivers fine line quality and high accuracy (+/-0.2 percent) and processes complex files with 160 MB of memory, upgradeable to 416 MB.

Tracking technology for robotic total station
Topcon Positioning Systems, Inc.’s new technology for robotic total stations—X-TRAC 7—is now included on all new Topcon 9 Series and Imaging Station (IS) robotic family total station systems. Users with 9 Series and IS systems—GTS-900, GPT-9000, and IS—purchased prior to the release of X-TRAC 7 can receive the X-TRAC 7 update from a Topcon authorized dealer. According to Topcon, the X-TRAC 7 prism-tracking strength and allowable prism movement speed is increased, using a tracking beam sequence that keeps the instrument cross hairs focused on the moving prism pole. In addition, RC-3 remote firmware and command logic was redesigned to take full advantage of X-TRAC 7 technology, increasing speed and accuracy, the company said. Topcon’s new release of TopSURV 7.2 software includes the X-TRAC 7 technology and provides live video support for IS systems. The enhancement through X-TRAC 7 now supports WiFi broadcasts of images from the IS instrument to the TopSURV field controller.
Topcon Positioning Systems, Inc.—

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