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Design distribution
Autodesk enables users of CAD applications to benefit from design web format (DWF), a file format for sharing design information. The DWF writer provides CAD users an alternative to PDF for distributing designs throughout a project—s lifecycle. The free, downloadable application gives designers the capability to create DWF files from any CAD or Microsoft Windows application. The highly compressed, secure format was developed specifically for design data and delivers multi-sheet, view, print, and web-ready capabilities. The DWF file format is designed to speed up business processes, secure intellectual property, and simplify data distribution.

Laser printer

Kycocera Mita America, Inc., offers the FS-1900 printer, which is designed for individual users and small workgroups. The printer offers Parallel, USB, and Card Flash support, enabling it to integrate into diverse networks. The FS-1900 is designed with Kyocera Mita—s ECOSYS technology, using high yield parts designed to last longer than conventional printer cartridge units. ECOSYS printers are designed to reduce the need to replace all-in-one toner cartridges and imaging drums on a frequent basis. The FS-1900 delivers 1,200 dpi output at full engine speed. It prints 19 pages per minute, and features a standard 500 sheet drawer, and a 100 sheet multipurpose tray. The printer also offers paper handling options, including duplexing, increased paper handling, envelope printing, sorting, and stacking.

Project management software

From Deltek is Deltek Vision, a software product designed for professional services firms. Vision is designed to support every phase of the project life cycle —” acquiring new business, capturing billable hours, increasing employee utilization, streamlining project management, increasing revenue and profits, and enhancing collaboration and knowledge sharing throughout an organization. Deltek Vision is designed to integrate all key processes into one browser-based software solution, sharing a single database of realtime information. Software supports client relationship management, proposal automation, resource planning, project management, accounting, time and expense management, billing, and human resources.

Seamless PDF preparation

Bluebeam Software, Inc., offers its Bluebeam Pushbutton PDF software. The software is designed to convert AutoCAD files to PDFs and batch create multiple PDFs from AutoCAD. The system converts all CAD and Windows© files to PDF. It generates PDF drawings that automatically maintain the scale, line weights, color, rotation, and resolution of CAD drawings. The Bluebeam Pushbutton PDF transfers hyperlinks from CAD drawings to the PDF drawing so that users may reference websites and related online documents. Bluebeam Software, Inc.

Scanner software offers free IDEAL ScanOS operating software with every model of its IDEAL/Contex scanners. IDEAL ScanOS is a multi-functional scanner operating system that offers the ability to scan images, store, and index images with a single field for ease in retrieval. All print jobs are available to be stored and indexed for accounting purposes. IDEAL ScanOS also includes advanced Hollerith and nudge features for Aperture Card Scanning. IDEAL ScanOS supports all Contex scanners, FireWire, and USB, as well as any ISIS-compatible and TWAIN scanners. 

Multifunction print system
Oc and Control Systems recently announced a technology partnership; under the agreement, Control Systems becomes a member of the Oc Partner Program and will optimize its Copitrak cost recovery software to integrate with Oc TDS large format multifunction print systems, including the recently launched Oc Account Center cost management software. The Oc Account Center will enable companies to control access to their system by locking the scanner until appropriate billing information is entered; to track expenditures to specific users, departments, and projects; and to integrate the data with third-party software such as Copitrak. The partnership with Control Systems is intended to provide an end-to-end cost recovery solution for architecture, engineering, and construction firms.

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