Metal home in the woods

Front and rear perspectives of the award-winning Takoma Park private residence, which utilized metal wall panel cladding.

When the time came for contractor and homeowner Alan Kanner to renovate and add a second floor to his home in Takoma Park, Md., the box became as important as what went inside it.

Kanner, of Added Dimensions Inc., worked with McInturff Architects, Bethesda, Md., to rejuvenate the home, adding a second floor with three bedrooms and two bathrooms, leaving the main level and basement for living, dining, and entertaining.

Kanner wanted the 1,700-square-foot house to respect its hilly, wooded surroundings while also being creative, cool, and fun. Working with McInturff, Kanner designed the residence to blend harmoniously with the natural, woodland setting.

The exterior became a unique, playful expression of shadows and texture with the addition of ATAS metal wall panels. The many vivid hues transmitted by the panels contrast the natural surroundings, making for a stand-out project with a mix between nature and modernity.

ATAS, manufacturer of metal roofing, wall, and ceiling panels, supplied 0.032-inch aluminum Opaline (OPM045) panels in black for the project. Opaline is a structural panel that can be installed on open framing as well as a solid substrate. Opaline installs as a tongue-and-groove system with mechanical fasteners that are hidden by the adjacent panel. The Roof Center, a distributor in Brentwood, Md., supplied the metal panel installer, Added Dimensions Inc., with the product.

The project has been recognized for its ingenuity and unique aesthetics that play well with the home’s environment, making it a winner in the Residential category of the 2013 Chairman’s Award from the Metal Construction Association. Judges appreciated the exterior’s simple use of materials, which added dimension due to varying panel orientations.

The MCA Chairman’s Awards are given every year to exceptional building projects that MCA members have taken part in. The awards given commend the unique vision and novelty of the project, while regarding the resourcefulness of metal materials.

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