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Wide-format scanners

GTCO CalComp introduced two, wide-format scanners, the ScanPlus V 742HS and ScanPlus V 942HS, with top speeds of approximately 10 inches per second black and white, and 0.6 inches per second and 3.0 inches per second 24-bit color, respectively. The scanners have an optical scanning resolution of 508 dots per inch (dpi) and, according to the company, can scan a typical E-size drawing (36 inches by 48 inches) in less than 5 seconds. Both scanners are Energy Star compliant. An Automatic Thickness Adjustment Control monitors the pressure on the document’s surface and positions the guide plate at the optimal level. Optional software provides scan-to-file (WIDEimageNET) and scan-to-print (JETimageNET) capabilities.

GTCO CalComp
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Wide Area Network accelerator

Riverbed Technology’s Steelhead appliances, available in a range of sizes for offices of all sizes, provide faster application performance and reduced bandwidth utilization over wide area networks (WANs). Steelhead appliances enable consolidation of file servers, exchange servers, storage, and tape backup systems from remote branches into data centers and do not require client or server reconfiguration in standard deployment mode. The Riverbed Optimization System provides data streamlining to remove redundant WAN traffic; transport streamlining to improve the behavior of Transmission Control Protocol; application streamlining to reduce application protocol inefficiencies and enable disconnected operations; and management streamlining to simplify deployment, maintenance, and management of applications. According to the company, Steelhead appliances can reduce bandwidth utilization by 60 to 95 percent and enable secure backups over the WAN in minutes instead of hours.

Riverbed Technology, Inc.
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Wireless fax system

The CDMA CellFax! Command Post from Braley Communication Systems is a fully integrated, mobile fax system that allows users to send and receive documents from outside an office environment using Verizon Wireless or other cellular CDMA network. The device enables mobile and land-line, plain-paper faxing, as well as digital voice communications and wireless broadband Internet connectivity. The CellFax! also operates as a plain paper document copier. It features AC/DC/battery power options with a proprietary power-management system, a 5-db magnetic-mount antenna, a hard-shell waterproof case measuring 22 inches by 14.5 inches by 9 inches, and a GPS/E-911 position locator.

Braley Communication Systems, Inc.
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Flat-bed color scanner

IDEAL’s IDEAL/Contex COPYmate 18 wide-format, flat-bed color scanner scans documents as wide as 18 inches in resolutions as high as 9,600 dpi. Embedded iJet technology provides the ability to scan and make copies directly to any computer or printer on a local area network, or directly to an attached USB printer. Color and gray tone reproduction is captured at 48 bits and 16 bits, respectively. According to the company, users can perform quick, easy, and tool-free maintenance of the scanner’s consumable parts. Items such as the air filters, lamp, and white background plate can be replaced without a service call from a technician.

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Rugged laptop case

According to Otter Products, its OtterBox Rugged Laptop Carrying Case transforms a standard laptop computer into a rugged laptop by providing water, dust, and drop protection. The polypropylene shell case allows access to drives and ports, as well as automatic pressure equalization. The inside of the case has customizable, shock-absorbing bumpers and a quick-release strap for easy laptop removal. The OtterBox 7030, available now, accommodates laptops with 14- to 15-inch screens. Later this year, OtterBox expects to release the model 7020 for laptop screens 14 inches and smaller and the 7040 for screens 15 inches and larger. Cases also will accommodate similar-sized devices, including Tablet PCs and Ultra Mobile PCs.

Otter Products, LLC
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Handheld computer upgraded

Tripod Data Systems’ new Recon X-Series rugged, handheld computer gives users the option of integrated Bluetooth and 802.11g wireless capabilities, and comes with Windows Mobile 5.0, including mobile versions of Microsoft Word, Excel, Outlook, PowerPoint, and Media Player 10. The Recon 200X features a 200-MHz Intel XScale processor and 128 MB of Flash memory; the Recon 400X features a 400-MHz processor and 256 MB of Flash memory. Other new features include a built-in microphone, a redesigned keypad, and an improved color touchscreen. The Recon X-Series meets the MIL-STD-810F military standard for drops, vibration, and temperature extremes and also is impervious to water and dust. Two CompactFlash slots allow users to add GPS, GPRS, digital cameras, bar-code scanners, and other devices.

Tripod Data Systems
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