New design platform improves accuracy
Trimble—s cable-free S6 Total Station is based on a new design platform that incorporates the company—s MagDrive, SurePoint, and MultiTrack technologies.

MagDrive servo technology silently and smoothly turns the instrument at speeds of more than 100 degrees per second. SurePoint automatically corrects pointing and measurements by guarding against the sinking, vibration, and handling that can affect an instrument after setup. MultiTrack technology combines passive prism tracking with active Target ID, which allows the S6 to lock and track a wide variety of conventional prisms to ranges of more than 1,640 feet. With the Target ID option, surveyors can use multiple prisms on a site and lock onto the one they need.

The Trimble S6 Total Station also features Direct Reflex technology, which enables measurement to more than 980 feet without a prism.


Photogrammetry software upgraded
Leica Geosystems GIS & Mapping recently announced the availability of updates to ERDAS Imagine and Leica Photogrammetry Suite (LPS) 8.7. The ERDAS Imagine 8.7 Service Pack 2 contains maintenance fixes and the following performance enhancements: improved JPEG 2000 encoding; Mosaic Wizard and Mosaic Direct tools; geospatial light table improvements; orthocorrection of SPOT 5, EROS A1, ASTER, and QuickBird data; and direct linear transform and projective geometric models. The LPS 8.7 Feature Update contains performance enhancements for frame and satellite photogrammetry users, including stereo point measurement in LPS Core, automatic brightness and contrast in LPS Stereo, new TIN-editing tools in the Terrain Editor, OrbView-3 sensor model support, and Mosaic Wizard and Mosaic Direct tools.

Leica Geosystems

GIS & Mapping
Software combines CAD and 3-D laser data Quantapoint, Inc., released PRISM 3D 5.0 software for managing, sharing, and extracting information from as-built laser documentation, allowing users to view the data as interactive and photo-realistic 3-D laser models. Using the software—s NGRAIN technology, designers can import CAD models of proposed modifications into the as-built, point-cloud data to help visualize proposed changes for design and constructability reviews. The 3-D models can be enlarged or rotated to focus on specific areas.

Quantapoint, Inc.

Software streamlines image manipulation
LizardTech, Inc., released GeoExpress 5.0 with MrSID in three versions: GeoExpress Unlimited Standalone provides unlimited MrSID and JPEG 2000 encoding, as well as image manipulation tools; GeoExpress Bundled gives users a choice of encoding levels; and GeoExpress Lite is designed for users working with existing MrSID and JPEG 2000 imagery. New features in GeoExpress 5.0 include the ability to reproject imagery from one coordinate reference system to a different system, area of interest encoding to specify different compression ratios within one image or mosaic, and the ability to mosaic any combination of supported input images into one, seamless mosaic and to combine a variety of multi-resolution images and supported formats to create a single mosaic.


Integrate multiple-source data into GIS
ESRI—s ArcGIS Data Interoperability extension to its ArcView 9, ArcEditor 9, and ArcInfo 9 GIS software allows data integration from multiple sources, organizations, and formats. It can directly read more than 70 spatial data formats and export to more than 50 formats, including Geography Markup Language, XML, Autodesk DWG/DXF, MicroStation Design, MapInfo MID/MIF and TAB, Oracle and Oracle Spatial, and Intergraph GeoMedia Warehouse. Quick Import and Quick Export tools enable ArcGIS users to translate between data formats with default format settings. A Workbench feature provides more than 150 transformers to translate geographic and attribute information and to manipulate data translations visually. ArcGIS Data Interoperability is built on Safe Software—s industry-standard Feature Manipulation Engine technology.


Rugged total station offers 3-second accuracy
Nikon—s 362-Series total stations —” DTM-362 and NPL-362 —” offer 3-second accuracy for construction and surveying applications in a rugged, 12-pound instrument. On-board software is accessed via a fullalphanumeric keyboard and a configurable display. The DTM-362 provides 16 hours of nonstop distance/angle measurement on a single battery, or 27 hours of measurements spaced 30 seconds apart. The NPL- 362 features a reflectorless system that uses a patented focused-beam design for positive target identification and accuracy at ranges as far as 650 feet.



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