Geocellular Solutions

Soil confinement system stabilizes slopes and prevents erosion.

Geocells are a proven solution for soil stability problems in a variety of site construction applications. The more challenging the problem, the more likely geocells will be applied to keep soil confined and stable.

Presto Geosystems invented geocells nearly 35 years ago in a collaborative effort with the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers and has impacted geocellular technology ever since with important product advancements, design techniques, and construction accessories for higher performance and faster installation. For more than 35 years, Presto’s GEOWEB geocells have been made from high-quality, high-density polyethylene (HDPE) and have proven successful results for heavy site access and haul roads, channels, shorelines, retaining walls, and slopes.Creating sustainable, vegetated slopes

The HDPE GEOWEB system has a long, proven history of stabilizing steep slopes prone to erosion problems where material strength and performance are critical. By confinement of infill, the GEOWEB system’s cellular structure stabilizes the upper soil layer on embankments to resist sliding, prevent severe erosion caused by surface runoff, and allow steeper slopes to be built, minimizing a site’s horizontal footprint. The system may be designed with topsoil and vegetation, aggregate, or concrete infill, depending on the overall aesthetic and performance goals of the site.

For steep vegetated slopes, the geocellular 3D network acts like a series of check dams, encapsulating the topsoil fill in each cell to minimize movement. Confined infill is protected from sheet flow over the surface, preventing erosion. The cellular network also creates a stable growth environment for vegetation whereby it isolates each cell to create an eco-zone protected from erosive forces. Cell wall perforations help to stimulate cross-root growth for a stronger, integrated slope cover. Slopes can be designed with special vegetation type, flowering plants, or even arid-resistant vegetation to meet climate conditions.

Geocells are a proven solution for soil stability problems in a variety of site construction applications.

Protecting geomembrane liners

GEOWEB slope systems can be built over impervious liners with a tendon and load transfer clip system for applications such as containment basins, landfill linings and covers, and dams and spillways. The system protects the integrity of the liner and prevents environmental liner damage and degradation. Geocells also offer a solution for stabilizing lightweight fill on green roofs where the slope angle of the roof could cause fill to be unstable or slide.

Design considerations

The following criteria determine the overall GEOWEB slope design and should be evaluated for proper “complete solution” recommendations:

  • slope angle,
  • slope length,
  • slope vertical height,
  • infill type and weight,
  • native soil type,
  • hydraulic conditions, and
  • underlayment type.

Geocells are the industry’s most robust geosynthetic solution, offering diversity in solving complex, challenging problems while providing environmental sustainability.

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