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Welcome to the inaugural CE News Buyers’ Guide. This well-organized resource provides information about hundreds of civil engineering product manufacturers, software developers, and service providers. In this new, annual guide, you will find categorical listings of products and services that are specified and bought by civil engineers.

It is divided into two parts: civil and structural engineering. The civil engineering section is broader than the structural engineering section, as it contains business and professional resources that are used by all types of civil engineers (including structural engineers), in addition to traditional civil engineering products and services. The structural engineering section provides listings for categories specific to this subset of civil engineering.

Additionally, an alphabetical listing of all companies listed in the guide is provided with contact information for easy reference. Advertisers in the May issue of CE News are listed in red throughout the guide.

In addition to many well-known companies serving the civil engineering industry, including many that support CE News through advertising, I was pleased that companies I had never heard of signed up for free listings in our Buyers’ Guide. Additionally, when reviewing companies’ listings, I learned that some providers offered products and services beyond those that I was aware of. This is good news, as we obviously put together a guide that will provide useful, and even perhaps enlightening, information about the 256 companies and associations listed that are doing business in this market.

In addition to the print version of the Buyers’ Guide, online you will find an "e-zine" of the Buyers’ Guide. This format allows readers to view and use an electronic version of this guide in an interactive environment. You can do word searches, quickly link to company websites or corporate e-mail addresses, or visit advertisers’ websites by navigating through this easy-to-use, enhanced PDF-format of the Buyers’ Guide. Go to to view the online version. You might want to save this webpage in your Favorites on your Internet Browser for future reference.

If you work for a company that provides services to civil engineers or that develops products that are specified by civil engineers and you aren’t listed in the guide, we want you to participate next year! To ensure that you don’t miss this opportunity in 2008, go to and and click on the link to register your company for our Buyers’ Guide 2008 Contact List. We will e-mail you when listings are being accepted for next year’s guide.

For those of you who are looking for typical CE News content, visit us online at You’ll find updated news, project case studies, business advice, and more. Next month, you’ll receive a regular issue of CE News, packed full of business, news, and technical information, including the much-anticipated annual CE News Salary Survey.

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