Five time wasters

There’s one thing money cannot buy – that’s time. We all only have so much of it. I don’t know about you, but I have felt like I am way overcommitted for probably the last 20 years. It would be nice to have more time.

While we can’t make more time, we can use it better. With the new year underway, it’s appropriate to start thinking about getting better with how we use our time. Here are some things I suggest you do:

1. Stop wasting time on stuff that does nothing for you – I’m convinced that Facebook is a huge time waster. Probably more time is wasted on Facebook than anything else. I read recently that one of every eight minutes spent on the Internet is spent on Facebook. I cannot imagine that’s all worthwhile based on what I see – who ate what, who went where, here’s a funny video, etc. Make a rule that you will look at it once a day for no more than 10 minutes.

2. Stop wasting time on bad TV – Occasionally, even I get sucked into watching something and it’s almost always a waste of time. “Sons of Anarchy,” “Breaking Bad,” and “Boardwalk Empire” all make me feel bad and waste my time. And there are plenty of even worse shows such as “Duck Dynasty,” “Little Honey Boo-Boo,” and “Dance Moms.” These shows are a complete waste of your time. Stop watching them.

3. Stop all the chit-chat at the office – We all have those people we spend 20 minutes, 30 minutes, or longer with each day in pointless, non-work conversation. Stop doing it and use your time for something useful.

4. Ebay or other online obsessions – I probably spend 20 minutes or longer every day looking at old cars on eBay. This is regardless of whether or not I have any money budgeted to spend on old cars. It’s a poor use of my time. You may have a similar obsession. Stop.

5. Busy work that other people could do – We all know what that is. It’s easy and it’s stuff that doesn’t really require someone of our unique talents to do but we do it anyway because we can, and we avoid doing the other things we really should be doing while we do it. Stop. Go do what you are really supposed to be doing and let others do what they do best.

And the list goes on. You can make your own list. The point is: Make a list and use your time wisely. You only have so much of it to waste.

Keeping that in mind, we’ve put a lot of work and thought into the January issue of CE News. We hope you enjoy everything in these pages and find that it helps you in your work or life in some way. And Happy New Year!

Mark C. Zweig

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