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If you haven’t already, it’s time to make CENews.com a part of your online diet. On the website, you’ll find digital versions of our magazine stories, which you can print or e-mail to colleagues; several professional resources; downloadable articles and quizzes from our PDH series; and daily news stories that we found particularly relevant. Here are a few headlines from some of our most-viewed news stories of 2009:

  • “America’s 10 best transportation projects unveiled”
  • “Balfour Beatty to acquire Parsons Brinckerhoff”
  • “California finally passes water legislation”

If you work with bridges and roads, we recommend frequenting the website for our partner magazine, RebuildingAmericasInfrastructure.com. Since launching the magazine in April 2009, we have paid close attention to the comments and clicks on this website. By doing so, we’ve learned a lot about the types of stories that are most appreciated. We’ve learned that while news stories about the stimulus package are prevalent, stories that take a longer view are often preferred. We’ve learned that although articles about tried-and-true methods are important, new ideas always deserve consideration. We’ve learned that the essence of “rebuilding” is often about admiring the structures we built generations ago. Here are a few headlines from some of RAI’s most popular stories of 2009:

  • “Employability concerns push engineers to flex business-management muscles”
  • “Plastic roads in India paving the way for a global greener future?”
  • “VIDEO: Operatic bridge demolition, courtesy VDOT”

To see the full list of RAI’s most popular stories, visit www.tinyurl.com/RAIstories

Lastly, be sure to check out our newest offering, SustainableEngineering.com, which explores sustainability, from design to execution. This resource for practicing engineers and other design professionals will provide the latest news, standards updates, product options, buildings and site development techniques, and asset management approaches related to sustainable engineering.

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