Design software, surveying, insurance, and stormwater detention devices

Roundabout design and analysis
Savoy Computing Services Ltd and the UK Transport Research Laboratory joined forces to develop AutoTrack Junctions, a new roundabout design program that allows engineers to design roundabout geometry interactively to selected U.K. or U.S. standards. It allows users to model roundabouts with as many as eight arms and caters for splitter islands, pedestrian crossings, rumble strips, and traffic controls. Additional options let users analyze driver and pedestrian sightlines, stopping distances, and fastest line speed. The program combines roundabout geometry design and vehicle flow/capacity analysis, reducing the time to produce efficient, well-balanced roundabout designs, according to the companies.
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Stormwater retention/detention systems
Advanced Drainage Systems, Inc. (ADS) agreed to acquire the remaining 50-percent interest in StormTech LLC. StormTech was created as a joint venture between ADS and Infiltrator Systems, Inc., to engineer and manufacture chambers for use in underground stormwater retention/detention systems. According to ADS, the StormTech SC-740 and SC-310 chambers have provided an economical solution to stormwater management for the past several years, and the new MC-3500 is proving successful as the larger capacity reduces footprint and related excavation costs. StormTech also will launch the MC-4500 to further expand the storage capacity per chamber. StormTech chambers adhere to ASTM standards and have been evaluated to support HS-20 live loads following current AASHTO procedures for loads, structural capacity, and factor of safety.
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Mobile LiDAR mapper
Optech Inc., says its next-generation Lynx V200 Mobile Mapper combines LiDAR data with high-resolution video collection to achieve the accuracy required for engineering-grade applications. The Lynx Mobile Mapper has a new LiDAR sensor head that leverages Optech’s experience in surveying development, in addition to iFLEX — a LiDAR innovation — to collect survey-grade LiDAR data at more than 200,000 measurements per second with a 360º field-of-view, while maintaining a Class 1 eye safety rating.
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Stormwater valve modeling
Hydro International’s Reg-U-Flo Vortex Valves are modeled into the latest version of Bentley Systems’ PondPack detention pond design and urban hydrology modeling software. PondPack software allows engineers to analyze, design, manage, and plan detention pond projects. Hydro’s Reg-U-Flo Vortex Valve is a self-activating device that uses vortex principles to control and attenuate stormwater flow and other liquid streams without the need for moving parts or external power requirements. According to the company, its hydraulic vortex action chokes back peak flows more effectively than other valves and conventional flow-control devices such as orifice plates, which have much smaller outlet openings (apertures).
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Surveying software tool
Eagle Point Software Corp. introduced Surveyors’ Toolbox, its third add-on product for AutoCAD Civil 3D. The Surveyor’s Toolbox allows surveyors to move to AutoCAD Civil 3D with simplified COGO routines and user interface. Its integration within Civil 3D allows users to interact with native point, parcel, surface, alignment, and profile data. Multiple routines (both dialog and command line based) are included to input raw alignment, lot, and field traverse information directly into drawings, bypassing the requirement of using an external survey database. Point-placement routines are also available to locate COGO points quickly that can be uploaded to the field for staking.
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Professional liability insurance
Business Insurance Now offers insurance policies designed specifically to meet the business needs of independent engineers and small engineering firms. The web-based insurance agency now provides professional liability and general liability insurance, underwritten by highly rated insurance carriers that specialize in insurance for the engineering market. Through Business Insurance Now, engineers have a single, affordable source for both professional liability and general liability insurance. Business Insurance Now also offers non-owned auto liability insurance, workers’ compensation insurance, and employment practices liability insurance.
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