Comment: Kudos to the 2006 Best Firms To Work For

The October issue of CE News is always exciting for the editorial team and firms across the country. In this issue, we announce the winners of the annual CE News Best Civil Engineering Firms To Work For Contest. See page 26 for the article, which details the contest process and provides in-depth coverage about the best firms to work for in the United States. With deep admiration, I am proud to report that the top three firms are (in ranking order): Kimley-Horn and Associates, Inc.; RBF Consulting; and Appledore Engineering, Inc.

Additionally, the top firms are ranked by firm size so that the best small, mid-size, and large firms to work for are honored. Details about notable workplace practices at these firms are provided in the firm-size ranking sidebars on pages 33, 36, and 40.

Even though the article announcing the results is very comprehensive and shares many of the advantages staff enjoy at these esteemed firms, a few interesting facts deserve special attention. Below are the 2006 Best Civil Engineering Firms To Work For Contest Superlatives:

Chen and Associates‘ employees expressed the highest levels of employee satisfaction, as determined by its responses to the Employee Satisfaction Survey, which all 157 competing firms executed to their staff. Kudos to Chen and Associates (ranked No. 25) for such a spectacular accomplishment!

NorthStar Engineering Group, Inc., (ranked No. 29) and Cole & Associates, Inc., (ranked No. 47) tied for achieving the highest Employee Satisfaction Survey response rate. Firms were required to have at least 20 percent of their staff participate in the Employee Satisfaction Survey, but these two firms topped the charts, with 89 percent of their staffs participating! NorthStar had 32 out of 36 employees respond, and Cole had 56 out of 63 employees respond.

Walter P Moore (ranked No. 15) had the highest median employee tenure of all firms in the competition. The median employee tenure is the median number of years employees have worked for a firm; the median of all firms was 5 years. Yet Walter P Moore shows that it’s a great place to work by achieving a remarkable 16-year median employee tenure!

• Two firms deserve recognition for low turnover. Matrix Design Group, Inc., (ranked No. 50) had the lowest voluntary turnover rate, and Harper Houf Peterson Righellis Inc., (an honorable mention firm) had the lowest overall turnover rate.

BHC Rhodes (ranked No. 36) and V3 Companies, Ltd. (honorable mention) are given special acknowledgement for making the top 50 or honorable mention lists after recently adding a significant number of new staff through merger or acquisition. BHC Rhodes added 10 new employees (a 22-percent increase in staff) and V3 Companies added 90 employees (a 24-percent increase in staff).

CE News congratulates all of the top 50 firms and the honorable mentions for creating great workplaces and developing high levels of employee satisfaction. Additionally, we express our appreciation to all of the 157 firms that participated in this competition. All of these firms recognize that success—as determined by serving clients well, growing their businesses, and being profitable—is achieved in the most rewarding manner when accomplished with a great workplace and highly satisfied staff.

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