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Checklists on supervisors’ iPads help make it easier to communicate and address issues quickly. Image: BOND

BOND delivers construction services to clients across the Northeastern United States, specializing in construction management, particularly for the higher education and health care markets, and self-performs work for the civil and utility market, with a focus on the power and energy sectors.

“Safety is a priority on every one of our projects,” said Chris Fogg, virtual design and construction manager for BOND. “When you’re working with live gas and electric lines, there’s no margin for error. We’ve always followed and enforced rigorous standards, but wanted to make it easier and faster for our teams to manage checklists and document issues.” The firm decided to strengthen its ability to deliver quality projects — safely — on time and on budget by adding Autodesk BIM 360 Field, a cloud-based service, to its BIM process.

“For a typical utility project, we’re tracking about 40 key quality and safety items,” said Anthony Bond, a director with BOND, “Supervisors use checklists in their iPads to review everything from weld specifications and excavation support materials to pipe locations and diameters.”

Issues are documented on iPads instead of paper. With no need to return to the construction trailer to enter items from paper checklists into spreadsheets, they save about 45 minutes at the end of each workday.

A recent gas pipeline maintenance project for a large gas transmission operator in upstate New York affected more than 1,000 feet of transmission pipe, and needed to adhere to an eight-day schedule. That’s because the required shutdown of the line cost the operator as much as $1 million per day. As the project progressed, the BOND team used BIM 360 Field to document safety and quality, helping to resolve any issues almost instantly. Bond completed the project in six days. BIM 360 contributed to the time savings by helping accelerate team collaboration and communication.

BOND is building up a wealth of data about quality, safety, and the performance of subcontractors and examining the data for opportunities to improve future projects. “We can monitor individual projects from the office or look at data across projects,” Bond said. “Are there recurring quality or safety issues on certain projects or with specific subs? BIM 360 Field helps us uncover insights that can improve the way we work and collaborate.”

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