Stormwater detention
For years, residents of Winchester, Mass., have enjoyed use of the town’s main athletic ground, Manchester Field. When flooding occurred in the area of Manchester Field and the adjacent neighborhoods, engineers from AECOM Environment concluded that the stormwater system was under-sized and could not collect and discharge even small-scale storm events. AECOM recommended upgrading the system for storms less than and including the 25-year, 24-hour storm. The $1.2 million, two-phase project included construction of an integrated stormwater management system that incorporated underground detention chambers provided by CULTEC Inc. The project used low-profile (18.5-inch-tall) chambers in areas of high groundwater and high-capacity (32-inch-tall) chambers in areas of greater depth to the groundwater. The stormwater system upgrade is designed to reduce the surcharge of catch basins and manholes and the ensuing flooding of the Manchester Field area.

For the Manchester Field project in Winchester, Mass., CULTEC systems were designed as detention galleys to reduce peak rates of stormwater discharge to the Aberjona River.

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