Better Data for Better Walls

This year’s retaining wall product guide is much improved. Our staff worked with several manufacturers to develop a guide that would provide the most useful information to engineers designing retaining walls. For example, essential data, such as facing type, facing angles, and facing connection type, are provided. The types of reinforcement and facing-to-reinforcement connections are described. Also, the height of the tallest wall constructed with each product is listed. Because aesthetics are important to you and your clients, photographs of each product are provided.

For ease of use, the guide is categorized by wall type, including segmental, mechanically stabilized earth, sheet piling, and other types of walls. Several manufacturers have multiple products in more than one category, offering numerous solutions for all types of applications.

We hope that the new format and enhanced data provides you with a more useful resource. For more information about a particular product or system, contact the manufacturer or visit the company’s website.

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