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Welcome to the first issue of Civil + Structural Engineer magazine! As you were probably a subscriber to either CE News or Structural Engineer magazine (or as about 60 percent of subscribers, both publications) you should already be aware of our plans to combine these two publications into one, new “super” publication.

You won’t lose anything. We will have the best content from each of the magazines in one newly designed, fresh publication that celebrates the accomplishments of individuals such as yourself — civil and structural engineers. We are here, as always, to help you succeed, and we hope you’ll find the information and inspiration in these pages even more useful than ever.

For the last year or so we have been experimenting with our format and distribution model in an effort to develop something that’s financially viable and will allow us to remain a service to those of you who are advancing your profession. We think the creation of a single, really great magazine will do that. We’ll be interested in your feedback! 

Leadership is about coming to your own conclusions and not feeling the need to justify every thought or idea that comes into your head just because someone hasn’t done it before. It’s about having the confidence to take on your critics and not being crushed by negative feedback. It’s about being able to take some licks and get back up because you won’t be held down. It’s about regrouping after failure, learning from your mistakes, and developing a new plan of attack. That is the spirit of all truly accomplished engineers and that is our spirit at ZweigWhite as well!

So enjoy your April issue — Volume One, Number One — of Civil + Structural Engineer! And please share your comments with me at, or any of our editors or staff (see contact information in the masthead on page 4) at any time. We know we wouldn’t be here without you and really value your input on our new and future direction!

Mark C. Zweig

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