2011 Top Civil Firms

On the bridge to the future of civil engineering, careful design, constant maintenance, and structural integrity have never been so important. Indeed, just as some bridges in this nation’s infrastructure are being totally reconstructed to suit modern traffic needs and others are tended to with limited means, today’s civil engineering firms are moving forward to the next point in the road as best as they can. The 2011 CE News list of the nation’s leading civil engineering firms, ranked by revenue, shows that overcoming gaps isn’t always easy, but can be managed.

For one thing, as the nation and world’s financial outlook remains shaky, civil engineering firms have become more versatile. Dayton, Ohio-based Woolpert is marking its 100th year in 2011 and continues to evolve as it has in the past. “In an industry reliant on backlog and hit hard by the economic downturn, architecture, engineering, and geospatial firms have been diligently searching for ways to recover,” said Michael Flannery, CEO. “There is no question that staying on the leading edge of technology is often critical to providing innovative solutions. And there is, without a doubt, much value in following lending markets, creating public-private partnerships, and understanding economic development drivers.” Sustainability is another avenue to growth, Flannery noted.

Being versatile and keeping a steady commitment to future goals while working on current projects is underscored by Scott Gallaher, P.G., principal-in-charge for all CEI/CIM/CM contracts for Lowell, Mass.-based TRC. Gallaher noted that shortfalls in federal funding have hampered new projects and often create a certain “backlog bubble,” but said that firms can take heart in a better outlook in the private sector. “This industry may change down the road and I think there will be some revenue streams that are different from what we are accustomed to, with more privatization. We really are at a crossroads,” Gallaher said, adding that TRC is adapting accordingly. “Our game plan is to diversify ourselves.”

For many civil engineering firms, part of such diversification efforts have involved mergers and acquisitions. Woolpert, for example, recently acquired the Dallas operations of Bohannan Huston, a spatial data, mapping, civil engineering, and advanced engineering technology services firm headquartered in New Mexico — the firm’s fourth acquisition in three years.

Another example is Michael Baker Corp., which acquired The LPA Group Inc. last year after selling its energy business. Florida-based PBS&J, on the CE News list last year, joined Atkins — the world’s 11th largest design firm, headquartered in the United Kingdom — in the fall and now operates as a national business of Atkins in the United States. KBR acquired Roberts & Schaefer Company, a Chicago firm that provides services and processing infrastructure to mining and minerals, power, industrial, refining, aggregates, precious and base metals industries. Wilbur Smith Associates, included in this year’s list, was acquired in February 2011 and now is part of CDM. To be sure, there are many other examples of newly forged alliances and reorganizations.

Lynn Petrak is a freelance writer and researcher based in LaGrange, Ill. She can be contacted at lynnpetrak@sbcglobal.net.

About the CE News Top Civil Firms list
Firms on the list, all of which reported revenues of more than $100 million, are solely devoted to civil engineering or offer multidisciplinary services with a strong civil engineering component.

Information used to comprise this list came from multiple sources — primarily from public information on company websites and other published business sources, as well as correspondence with firm representatives. Because of firm accounting differences, 2010 revenue may be either calendar year 2010 or fiscal year 2010. In a few cases, where firms did not respond to requests for updated information, 2009 revenue is listed and indicated with (E).

Firms that also are recognized on The Zweig Letter Hot Firm 2010 List are indicated with an asterisk. The Hot Firm List is based on firm growth during the previous three years in terms of real dollars and percentage change. View the entire Hot Firm 2010 List at www.zweigwhite.com/g-53-the-zweig-letter-2010-hot-firm-list.aspx

To correct information on the 2011 list or for consideration in the 2012 CE News Top Civil Firms list, please e-mail relevant firm information to bdrake@zweigwhite.com. Firms must have at least 51 percent of their revenue derived from the practice of civil engineering and they must have at least 200 U.S.-based employees to be included in the list.

Firm North
American headquarters
2010Revenue No. of employees Leadership Website
Bechtel Group Inc.
San Francisco, CA
$30.8 billion 52,700 Riley P. Bechtel, chairman and CEO www.bechtel.com
* Fluor Corp.
Irving, TX
$20.8 billion 42,000 David T. Seaton, CEO and director www.fluor.com
Houston, TX
$12 billion 35,000 William P. Utt, chairman, president, and CEO www.kbr.com
* Jacobs Engineering Group Inc.
Pasadena, CA
$9.9 billion 50,000 Craig L. Martin, president and CEO www.jacobs.com
* URS Corporation
San Francisco, CA
$9.18 billion 47,000 Martin Koffel, chairman, president, and CEO www.urscorp.com
Los Angeles, CA
$7.0 billion 45,000 Richard Newman, chairman; John M. Dionisio, president and CEO www.aecom.com
* The Shaw Group
Baton Rouge, LA
$7.0 billion 27,000 James Bernhard, chairman, president, and CEO www.shawgrp.com
Englewood, CO
$6.3 billion 23,500 Lee McIntire, chairman and CEO www.ch2m.com
Houston, TX
$5.06 billion 30,000 John Grill, CEO www.worleyparsons.com
Houston, TX
$3.9 billion 23,000 Samir Brikho, chief executive www.amec.com
Highlands Ranch, CO
$2.86 billion 15,905 Steven Blake, chairman and CEO www.arcadis-us.com
Black & Veatch
Overland Park, KS
$2.7 billion 8,600 Len C. Rodman, chairman, president, and CEO www.bv.com
Parsons Corporation
Pasadena, CA
$2.7 billion 10,600 Charles Harrington, chairman and CEO www.parsons.com
Parsons Brinckerhoff
New York, NY
$2.3 billion 14,000 George J. Pierson, CEO www.pbworld.com
* Tetra Tech Inc.
Pasadena, CA
$2.2 billion 12,000 Dan L. Batrack, chairman, CEO, and president www.tetratech.com
* Stantec Inc.
Irvine, CA
$1.51 billion 10,700 Bob Gomes, CEO, president and director www.stantec.com
HDR Inc.
Omaha, NE
$1.5 billion 7,800 Richard Bell, chairman and CEO www.hdrinc.com
MWH Global Inc.
Broomfield, CO
$1.3 billion 7,000 Robert B. Uhler, chairman and CEO www.mwhglobal.com
Willbros Group Inc.
Houston, TX
$1.2 billion 4,750 Randy Harl, president and CEO www.willbros.com
Burns & McDonnell
Kansas City, MO
$1.1 billion 3,000 Greg Graves, CEO www.burnsmcd.com
* Golder Associates
Redmond, WA
$1 billion 7,000 Brian H. Conlin, president www.golder.com
Kansas City, MO
$1 billion 3,666 Ken Graham, CEO (HNTB Infrastructure) www.hntb.com
New York, NY
$820 million 6,000 Peter Gammie, chief executive www.halcrow.com
Cambridge, MA
$720 million 6,000 Richard Fox, chairman and CEO www.cdm.com
The Louis Berger Group
Morristown, NJ
$694 million 5,000 Nicholas J. Masucci, CEO and president www.louisberger.com
Atkins North America Inc.
Tampa, FL
$684 million 2,590 Robert J. Paulsen, CEO www.atkinsglobal.com
S&B Engineering and Constructors,
Houston, TX
$674 million 4,000 James G. Slaughter, Jr., CEO www.sbec.com
ERM Group Inc.
Exton, PA
$600 million 3,600 John Alexander, CEO www.erm.com
* Michael Baker Corp.
Moon Township, PA
$499.4 million 2,900 Bradley L. Mallory, president and CEO www.mbakercorp.com
Alpharetta, GA
$440 million 3,000 Ann E. Massey, president and CEO www.mactec.com
STV Group
New York, NY
$350 million 1,700 Dominick Servedio, chairman and CEO www.stvinc.com
Hatch Mott MacDonald
Millburn, NJ
$347.6 million 2,000 Nicholas M. DeNichilo, CEO www.hatchmott.com
Lowell, MA
$329 million 2,400 Christopher Vincze, chairman and CEO www.trcsolutions.com
Terracon Consultants
Olathe, KS
$329 million 2,700 David Gaboury, president and CEO www.terracon.com
Fairfax, VA
$320 million 1,800 Donald E. Stone, Jr., CEO www.dewberry.com
Kimley-Horn & Associates Inc.
Cary, NC
$319 million 1,575 John Atz, president; and Mark Wilson, CEO www.kimley-horn.com
Kleinfelder Group
San Diego, CA
$305.5 million 1,700 William Siegel, president and CEO www.kleinfelder.com
Gannett Fleming Inc.
Camp Hill, PA
$296.7 million 2,100 William Stout, chairman and CEO www.gannettfleming.com
Brown & Caldwell
Walnut Creek, CA
$294 million(E) 1,500 Craig Goehring, CEO www.brownandcaldwell.com
Professional Service Industries Inc.,
Oakbrook Terrace, IL
$240 million(E) 2,500 Murry Savage, CEO www.psiusa.com
T.Y. Lin International
San Francisco, CA
$229.3 million 2,138 Alvaro J. Piedrahita, president and CEO www.tylin.com
Kansas City, MO
$204.6 million 1,000 Brian G. Larson, CEO www.transystems.com
Mustang Engineering Inc.
Houston, TX
$191 million(E) 7,000 William Higgs and Paul Redmon, co-chairmen www.mustangeng.com
Stanley Consultants
Muscatine, IA
$189.8 million 1,500 Gregs Thomopulos, chairman and CEO www.stanleyconsultants.com
Enercon Services Inc.
Tulsa, OK
$186 million 1,200 John Richardson, president www.enercon.com
Wilbur Smith Associates
Columbia, SC
$182.4 million 1,000 Stevenson Smith, chairman and CEO www.wilbursmith.com
* Greenman Pederson
Babylon, NY
$171.7 million 1,052 Steve Greenman, CEO www.gpinet.com
Hazen & Sawyer
New York, NY
$165 million 800 James W. Fagan, president www.hazenandsawyer.com
Carollo Engineers Inc.
Walnut Creek, CA
$147 million 631 Gary Deis, CEO www.carollo.com
Reynolds, Smith and Hills Inc.
Jacksonville, FL
$143 million 776 Leerie T.Jenkins, CEO and chairman www.rsandh.com
Watertown, MA
$142.5 million 900 Robert Brustlin, president and CEO www.vhb.com
* KCI Technologies
Sparks, MD
$131 million 850 Terry Neimeyer, chairman and CEO www.kci.com
Los Angeles, CA
$130 million(E) 500 Blake Murillo, CEO www.psomas.com
ATC Associates
Marietta, GA
$126 million 1,800 Robert Toups, CEO www.atcassociates.com
SCS Engineers
Reston, VA
$125 million(E) 670 Jim Walsh, president and CEO www.scsengineers.com
David Evans and Associates
Portland, OR
$123 million 650 Al Barkouli, president and CEO www.deainc.com
Albany, NY
$122.3 million 775 Raymond J. Kinley, Jr., president and CEO www.chacompanies.com
Woolpert Inc.
Dayton, OH
$119 million 650 Michael Flannery, CEO www.woolpert.com
* Pennoni Associates Inc.
Philadelphia, PA
$117.9 million 950 Anthony S. Bartolomeo, president and CEO www.pennoni.com
Seattle, WA
$117.8 million (E) 900 Jefferson Asher, president www.kpff.com
Moffatt & Nichol
Long Beach, CA
$116 million 500 Eric Nichol, president www.moffattnichol.com
RBF Consulting
Irvine, CA
$115 million(E) 600 S. Robert Kallenbaugh and James E. McDonald, co-CEOs www.rbf.com
Green Bay, WI
$114 million 675 Tim Weyenberg, CEO www.foth.com
Rummel, Klepper and Kahl LLP
Baltimore, MD
$102 million(E) 740 Stephen G. Zentz, partner www.rkk.com
Langan Engineering
Elmwood Park, NJ
$100 million 500 David T. Gockel, CEO www.langan.com
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